small inspirations that change everything

14th March 2019​

5 pm - 10 pm


One Station Square

Cambridge UK


Trajectories is event to celebrate and discuss inspiring the next generation of computing talent. Through an exhibition of technology past and future and a futuristic dinner will give you the opportunity to create networks and contribute to debate on the future of innovation. 



The ubiquity of technology means that what is remarkable has become commonplace. This makes it harder to marvel at those achievements. We don’t stop to ask why and how.
Innovation is about people as well as technology. Because it is about people, it is about their stories, their narratives. Those stories are driven by inspiration. 



Trajectories is a collaboration between the Centre of Computing HistoryAmazon and Dovetailed that aims to tell these stories of the past, present and the future.

:: Trajectories is by invite-only event ::


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